Tones for Morning Prayers

Orthodox Worship and Tonal System

For many, the beauty of Orthodoxy can be found in its’ Liturgical life. The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church (MOSC) is proud of her worshiping heritage. It is through the worship that the faith, tradition, and practice of our fathers are passed down through the generations. The West Syrian form of worship, language, and music was introduced to the Church in the latter half of the nineteenth century, and we continue to practice this tradition in our Church today. The MOSC uses the tonal system which consists of 8 tones or modes, each of which can be attributed to a Sacrament/Feast Day (i.e. Baptism- Tone 2, etc). The modal cycle consists of eight weeks. The ecclesiastical year starts with Qudosh `Idto (The Consecration of the Church), a feast observed on the eighth Sunday before Christmas. The first mode is sung on this day. The following Sunday makes use of the second mode and so on until the Sunday before Christmas when the eighth mode is used. The cycle then repeats itself. Some of the more significant holy days and feasts have fixed modes (i.e. Christmas- Tone 1).

Currently, for a variety of reasons, the tonal system is largely being used only in the Diocesan Centers and Seminaries and is virtually absent within parishes and its’ existence is forgotten amongst the lay population. However, we at Houston St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral are trying our best to preserve the rich liturgical tradition. In an effort to raise awareness about this beautiful treasure that is a vital part of Orthodox worship and under the leadership of Very Rev. Gheevarghis Aroopala Cor-Episcopa and the Choir, HSTOC will be learning the various tones. Going forward, each month of the year has been assigned a tone (i.e. November- Tone 1, December- Tone 2, etc). For the entirety of each of the months, the assigned tone will be used during the various worship services for that month. It is with the hope that the increased exposure to each of the tones, the faithful of HSTOC will have a greater appreciation of the worship of the Holy Church and master the respective tones.

Sleeba (Cross) Morning Prayer: Tone 1 - November

Sleebo Matins (Morning) Quqliyon..

Sleebo Matins (Morning) Quqliyon..

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